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Payment Policies: Unless credit has been established, all rentals must be secured by a 50% deposit at time of order. No changes or deductions may be made to an order ten (10) business days prior to the event. Some additions may be allowable, and may be subject to an additional labor charge. There will be no return on deposits for orders cancelled within fourteen (14) business days of the event. No credit will be given for unused items once delivered. Balance is due before pick-up or delivery. Rental fees DO NOT include the set-up or take down of items unless additional fees are paid. Delivery service DOES NOT include packing or racking, carrying items more than 50 feet from truck or up/down flights of stairs or elevators. *
Equipment Care & Preparation: Customer shall use all property in a careful and proper manner, shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and shall return the property in the same condition and good repair as when received. All equipment is to be knocked down and stacked for pickup. For health purposes, all china, glassware, flatware and other food service equipment must be rinsed and repacked in the same containers as delivered. Linen should be refuse free and air-dried to prevent staining and mildewing. Additional charge will be assessed for non-compliance. No goods may be moved from the place of delivery without written permission of BWER. Customer shall have all equipment available for pickup by BWER on the pickup date listed under "Pick up Date" on the delivery order. Failure to have said equipment available will subject customer to an additional rental charge for each day the equipment is not available for pickup, or staffing fees for each additional hour not available. *
Our Responsibility: To provide you with the correct product in correct quantities to you in a safe and timely manner; to provide the same product as advertised in the condition advertised or displayed; To educate you in the proper use, setup, take-down, and storage of your rental products. Every effort is made to fill your order exactly as requested. If circumstances prevent us from doing so, BWER reserves the right to upgrade the quality or find a substitute product. DYE LOTS: Your linens may come from different dye lots and vary slightly in color. This is unavoidable. *
Hold Harmless: By signing a rental agreement, Renter below will indemnify and hold harmless Bellingham Wedding and Event Rentals LLC and its agents and employees from any and all claims, actions, and judgments relating to and arising from the Renter’s use of rental equipment from time of delivery or pick up to time of retrieval or drop off. *
Force Majeure: BWER will use its best efforts to prevent delays or postponements in service, however, BWER shall not be liable for any damages of any kind incurred by the Client by reason of any postponement or delay of service caused by an interruption in our usual operations, or if service herein provided for is delayed or postponed by reason of acts of God, alien invasion, strikes, lockouts, or other industrial disturbances, wars, riots, arrests, explosion, fires, damage to machinery or other cause not within the control of the BWER. *
Damage & Loss: You shall at your own expense provide and maintain protection or personal guarantee against loss, damage or destruction to the rented equipment for its full replacement value. Alternatively, this contract offers a Physical Damage Waiver to cover your responsibility for the loss, damage, or destruction to the rented equipment. In the event that such loss, damage, or destruction result from your gross negligence or willful misconduct, any limitation of your responsibility provided by Physical Damage Waiver, or otherwise, shall be void. The cost of the Physical Damage Waiver shall be 6.0% of the total rental fee before taxes. The fee will be reflected on your invoice or other notice to you. The Physical Damage Waiver DOES NOT cover electrical equipment or cameras. Waivers do not constitute insurance. *
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