How Long is a Rental Period?

We are flexible with delivering or pickups the day before and returns the next business day after your event.  We recommend scheduling this as far ahead of time as possible to ensure we can accommodate your request.

Usually people prefer to pickup items on Friday for a Saturday event, and return them Sunday or Monday. This is reasonable and does not incur additional rental fees.  If you keep your items too long we will charge your credit card, bill you extra rental days, teepee your house or stalk you on Facebook.

Can I Pick Up and Return Items Myself?

f you choose to pick-up your items or hire a delivery service, you are responsible for all damage or loss from the moment items are loaded on to your vehicle to when they return to the warehouse. You must return items during store hours. After hours pick-up or delivery is available at an extra fee.

NOTE: Some items and quantities are not applicable for client pick-up due to insurance and safety issues, unless you have a trailer or box truck.

  • over 20 chairs
  • over 4 tables
  • Arbors are not eligible for client pickup.

Please be sure you have enough room in your vehicle for your items. We have had to stuff floor candelabras into Miatas and huge racks of dinner plates into a Honda Fit. Not a pretty sight.

Why Are Your Hours So Stupid?

Your observation skills are quite acute.  

Meeting clients by appointment allows me to focus all my attention to your event and needs without distractions. 

Our hours change by the season and can be inconvenient for customers trying to drop in without notice; we realize this.  As a busy mom, wife and business owner, my hours at the showroom have to be designed around school times and closures, doctor appointments, volunteering, violin lessons, karate class, grocery shopping, and family time.  I have no time allotted for hair salons, massages, getting my nails done, shopping for shoes, fitness, and on some days even eating or sleeping.

With new growth every year, we are excited to be able to hire help someday to make things more convenient for our customers.  

We always thank you for your patience and working with us!  We look forward to serving you! 

Rachel Andrews

Don't hate me quite yet? Make an Appointment to come in!



What are Your Delivery Fees?

Bellingham: Base delivery fee is $30-50 depending on size of order and distance. Fee includes pick-up. Some venues will have optional additional fees for stair delivery, like the Ferry Terminal or Broadway Hall.

  • Semiahmoo/Blaine: $60-65
  • Ferndale & Lynden: $45-55
  • Sumas: $55-60
  • Everson: $45
  • Bow: $50
  • Burlington: $55
  • Mt. Vernon: $55
  • Outside Whatcom county: $30 base fee + Mileage. 

Above fees are estimates and are subject to change at any time.

Delivery to Canada or through Canada (Pt. Roberts): $100 base fee + Standard Government Mileage Reimbursement Rate at time of reservation + $50 border crossing fee.

Deliveries requiring ferry crossings: The cost of waiting time and ferry fees will be included in your delivery quote.

Waivers and Discounts: Close deliveries of smaller orders may receive delivery discounts; to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Delivery to our mooninite clients require varying fees depending on the distance of orbit.

NOTE: Some items and quantities are not applicable for client pick-up due to insurance and safety issues.

Your items will be delivered to designated location and unloaded from the truck. Delivery drivers are not responsible for set-up or take-down of any equipment, or carrying items more than 50 feet from the truck or up or down flights of stairs.

Deliveries are scheduled on first-come-first served basis. Schedule your delivery and pick up at least 4 months in advance.  The longer you wait, the less chance your preferred times will be available.

Does the Rental Price Include Setup and Break-down?

he cost does not include set-up of your rentals, like setting up chairs, placing linens on tables or tying chair sashes.

Placing all linens in laundry bags, glasses and dishes in racks, and decor items back in containers is your responsibility.  If our staff has to begrudgingly clean up after your party you may incur additional service charges and nasty looks.

 Your items will be delivered to designated location and unloaded from the truck. Delivery drivers are not responsible for set-up or take-down of any equipment, or carrying items more than 50 feet from the truck or up or down flights of stairs.

What Are Your Optional Labor Fees?

We do offer set-up or take down for the following fees:

Taking rental equipment up stairs: $50/per flight of stairs.

Picking up/delivering rental equipment rented from another company: variable

Keeping your Mother out of the kitchen: $20/hr

Calling drunk groomsmen a cab: $5.00

Marriage Counseling: $75/hr

What if I Poke Myself in the Eye with a Butter Knife?

When you reserve your items, you agree that Bellingham Wedding and Event Rentals is not responsible for any injury, sickness or death resulting in the use of any of our products. You are responsible for knowing how to use your rental equipment. If you don’t know – JUST ASK! We are also not responsible if your mother-in-law thinks the colors you picked are ugly. 

What if I Have to Make Changes to My Reservation?

Chances are you will change your mind about something. You may change your order at any time up to 10 Business days before delivery or pick-up time. We will try to fulfill your change to the best of our ability, but short-notice changes may not be satisfied.   A 50% deposit of any added items will be due at time of addition. Only people designated by you will be authorized to make changes. If you don't want your fiance to call and change the linens to army cammo print, don't put him on the authorized list.

What if I Have To CANCEL My Reservation?

Unfortunately, things happen. In case of cancellation, you must cancel your order at least 14 days before delivery or pick-up time to receive a refund of your deposit.  We understand the emotional and financial stress of canceling an event, but our costs and labor must be covered for reserving and prepping your items.

What if I Break or Lose Something?

In the case of damage to an item which renders it unusable, or in the case of an unreturned item, you or your credit card will be billed for the amount to replace the item to our inventory.. Items you rented but did not use are not eligible for a refund. Exceptions are always considered.

If it was a good night, you may wake up the next morning with a fork in your pants. We appreciate returning of lost items if you find them and usually don't charge a fee if you let us know you found it.

You may choose the OPTIONAL Damage Waiver Protection, which is 6% of your rental total, and covers replacement fees up to $250 dollars in replacement costs.

Electrical equipment, sound systems and cameras are NOT covered by the Damage Waiver and subject to full replacement fee if damaged or missing.

Do You Charge Sales Tax?

Rental items are considered retail sales and are subject to a 8.7% sales tax rate. This also applies to set up/take down fees, & delivery fees  (blame our accountant).

Government entities, businesses with re-seller permits, tax exempt organizations and businesses on tribal lands are not subject to sales taxes.

Canadians and Oregonians are required to pay the sales tax. 

Do You Require a Deposit?

A 50% deposit is due at time of reservation to hold your items. You wouldn't want to have to catfight with another bride over a chalkboard would you? A valid credit card is due 72 hours before delivery or at time of pick-up from our warehouse. Your card will not be charged until the day of delivery or the previous business day.

Can I Get a Discount For Being Pretty?

Though you are very pretty indeed, discounts are only available for non-profit organizations and event vendors or clients that wish to rent on a regular basis. (Like a business that rents from us yearly for their holiday party.)

Our current available discounts

Non-Profits & churches, fundraisers: 10%

Memorial services, vigils, or events dedicated to disaster victims:  20% (in-stock items only)

Wedding Industry Vendors: 10%

Repeat Business Clients: Varies

The Wrinkle discount: 25% (you must iron your own linens)

Military Discount (current or former): 10%

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, Check, and Cash (though we rarely have change). Gold dubloons, labor, & beer may also be accepted depending on who is working that day

What is The Damage Waiver Protection Fee?

Warning: There is nothing funny in the following paragraphs

The Damage Protection Waiver Fee is 6.0% of your total before taxes and delivery. It applies to the rental of china, glassware,  tables/chairs, vases, and other items that are often broken or damaged.

You shall at your own expense provide and maintain protection or personal guarantee against loss, damage or destruction to the rented equipment for its full replacement value. Alternatively, we offer an OPTIONAL Physical Damage Waiver to cover your responsibility for the loss, damage, or destruction to the rented equipment. In the event that such loss, damage, or destruction result from your gross negligence or willful misconduct, any limitation of your responsibility provided by Physical Damage Waiver, or otherwise, shall be void. The cost of the Physical Damage Waiver shall be 6.0% of the total rental fee before taxes. The Physical Damage Waiver has a $100.00 deductible that is the customer’s responsibility. In order to decline the Physical Damage Waiver, you must provide a certificate of insurance from your insurance company stating you have coverage for rented equipment. The fee will be reflected on your invoice or other notice to you. Waivers do not constitute insurance.

Electrical equipment, sound systems and cameras are NOT covered by the Damage Waiver and subject to full replacement fee if damaged or missing.

Do I Have to Move Items Myself?

Your items will be delivered to designated location and unloaded from the truck. Delivery drivers are not responsible for set-up or take-down of any equipment (unless the additional service is purchased), or carrying items more than 50 feet from the truck or up or down flights of stairs.

When the driver returns for pick up, all items (including tables & chairs) must be stacked and ready in one designated retrieval spot.

Drivers are not responsible for bringing items up/down stairs or more than 50 feet from the truck.

We HATE leaving a bunch of stuff for grannie to deal with. Please make sure you have sufficient labor on hand to move tables, boxes and chairs.

Do I Have To Wash the Dishes?

No, don't worry about washing dishes. You are only responsible for rinsing chunks off all dinnerware, glasses, flatware, etc., and placing them back in their original storage containers. Though if you WANT to wash them, we won't stop you.

Chafing Pans must be washed completely before return.

Will The Linens Have Fold Lines?

Yes, because of linens in their natural habitat fold up in their dens, your linens will probably have fold lines. Laying them out on the tables well ahead of time helps, or steaming them on the table. If you attempt to iron linens yourself you are responsible for damage.

Do I Have To Wash the Linens?

No. In fact, we have special methods and cleaners for our linens, so please DO NOT attempt to clean linens yourself.

More care information:

Separate different types of linens. (tablecloths, runners, napkins)

REMOVE all pins or clips.

Pins hurt us and rust in the wash and cause permanent stains.


Residue will melt during ironing and ruin linens.

UNTIE all Chair sashes.  

Leaving knots may incur a fee.

Shake out linens thoroughly!

Please be considerate and do not bundle food, trash, flowers, confetti, paper, glass drops, crystals, sand, rocks, candles or anything else in with your linens. 

Place linens into the provided drawstring laundry bag or bins.  Do not leave bags outside—they become infested with earwigs. (Trust us on this one).

Wet linens? Please keep them separated from dry linens.


Some wax we can remove, some leave permanent stains. To avoid being charged replacement fees, only place candles on top of a centerpiece, like a charger plate or mirror.

How Soon in Advance Should I Make a Reservation?

You should reserve your rentals as soon as possible! Short-notice reservations are very difficult to satisfy. Reserve your items at least THREE months in advance to ensure you will get what you want. If your event is in July or August, we recommend at least 5 months advance reservation.