Why Are Your Hours So Stupid?

Your observation skills are quite acute.  

Meeting clients by appointment allows me to focus all my attention to your event and needs without distractions. 

Our hours change by the season and can be inconvenient for customers trying to drop in without notice; we realize this.  As a busy mom, wife and business owner, my hours at the showroom have to be designed around school times and closures, doctor appointments, volunteering, violin lessons, karate class, grocery shopping, and family time.  I have no time allotted for hair salons, massages, getting my nails done, shopping for shoes, fitness, and on some days even eating or sleeping.

With new growth every year, we are excited to be able to hire help someday to make things more convenient for our customers.  

We always thank you for your patience and working with us!  We look forward to serving you! 

Rachel Andrews

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