Do I Have To Wash the Linens?

No. In fact, we have special methods and cleaners for our linens, so please DO NOT attempt to clean linens yourself.

More care information:

Separate different types of linens. (tablecloths, runners, napkins)

REMOVE all pins or clips.

Pins hurt us and rust in the wash and cause permanent stains.


Residue will melt during ironing and ruin linens.

UNTIE all Chair sashes.  

Leaving knots may incur a fee.

Shake out linens thoroughly!

Please be considerate and do not bundle food, trash, flowers, confetti, paper, glass drops, crystals, sand, rocks, candles or anything else in with your linens. 

Place linens into the provided drawstring laundry bag or bins.  Do not leave bags outside—they become infested with earwigs. (Trust us on this one).

Wet linens? Please keep them separated from dry linens.


Some wax we can remove, some leave permanent stains. To avoid being charged replacement fees, only place candles on top of a centerpiece, like a charger plate or mirror.