Do You Have an Environmental Policy?

We at BWER strive to do as much as we can to reduce garbage, water, & energy use.

-Luckily, renting in general is better for the environment by reducing disposable party supplies in landfills.

-Our commercial washing machine and dishwasher are extremely efficient and designed to wash large amounts of linens and dishes with less water than your typical home machines.

-Our laundry chemicals are all safe for the environment.

-We recycle all of our paper, cardboard, and plastic. Paper with the personal information of our clients is shredded first.

-Our dryer can dry a load of 20 table cloths in only 10 minutes! 

-We save our receipts digitally and avoid printing things as much as possible

-We are the only business that sells eco-friendly, sustainable, compostable, biodegradable, and burnable party supplies.

-We re-use plastic linen covers when they are returned by clients, and we use hangers that we have clients return for re-use.

-We use one garment bag to cover up to 4 linens at a time, instead of one for each.

-We are constantly learning new and better ways to do sustainable business.