How Can I Book a Free Consultation?

You can book a consultation by clicking here or just give us a call at 360.393.3654

What to Expect


You will be asked a few important questions about your event. Don't worry if you don't know the answers yet. It is always helpful to know some vital pieces of info when you come in - Venue, Date, Maximum Guest Count, and Caterer.

Other questions we might ask you:

  • What is the general feeling, theme, or mood you would like to have at your event? Whimsical, casual gathering, Hollywood glamour, 20's vintage, rustic country, freakshow, etc.
  • What colors do you initially gravitate toward (we have a table of colors for you to look at).
  • What is you budget for rentals?
  • Where are you willing to make changes in order to fit into your budget?
  • What is the most important aspect of your wedding that you want your guests to remember (food, entertainment, your dress, the decor, etc.)?

Always expect your quote will be more than what you budget. We always quote for your highest numbers in case of the rare chance that every person you invited shows up.


Who to Bring

Bring your partner if possible. Deciding the look and feel of your reception is something that both of you should be involved in.  Your wedding planner or designer is essential to bring if you have one.

You may feel obligated to bring a parent or family member that is paying for your rentals. Though it is a touchy subject, we usually advise NOT to bring them if you have very different opinions about colors, taste, & styles.  It is a major source of fights, tears, and conflict in the showroom. The best course of action we have seen from couples is to make decisions and get a quote, and then bring in the family member later merely as a quick "show mom what I picked out and pay the bill".  If you give us a heads-up to your visit, we can have your choices ready, and help make sure she doesn't start changing your order.

Many brides like to bring their gang of bridesmaids and cousins and BFFs. Please limit your total party to three. Trust us, you will be glad you did.

Your children are always welcome and we have a play area, activities, and stickers for them. Be fore-warned: Cute babies may not be allowed to leave.

What to Bring

  • Magazines, fabric swatches, your pinterest boards, and samples of any decor you have purchased so we can get a feel of your theme.
  • Your cell-phone or camera to take pictures of your choices or of different choices to take home and ponder.
  • Some clients purchase silk/fake versions of their flowers, or order a sample bunch from their florist to bring in to coordinate with their linens.
  • An open mind. Please remember that we are professionals and only have your beautifully stunning wedding as our best interest.