What is The Damage Waiver Protection Fee?

Warning: There is nothing funny in the following paragraphs

The Damage Protection Waiver Fee is 6.0% of your total before taxes and delivery. It applies to the rental of china, glassware,  tables/chairs, vases, and other items that are often broken or damaged.

You shall at your own expense provide and maintain protection or personal guarantee against loss, damage or destruction to the rented equipment for its full replacement value. Alternatively, we offer an OPTIONAL Physical Damage Waiver to cover your responsibility for the loss, damage, or destruction to the rented equipment. In the event that such loss, damage, or destruction result from your gross negligence or willful misconduct, any limitation of your responsibility provided by Physical Damage Waiver, or otherwise, shall be void. The cost of the Physical Damage Waiver shall be 6.0% of the total rental fee before taxes. The Physical Damage Waiver has a $100.00 deductible that is the customer’s responsibility. In order to decline the Physical Damage Waiver, you must provide a certificate of insurance from your insurance company stating you have coverage for rented equipment. The fee will be reflected on your invoice or other notice to you. Waivers do not constitute insurance.

Electrical equipment, sound systems and cameras are NOT covered by the Damage Waiver and subject to full replacement fee if damaged or missing.